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The Queer Archive Artshop


Always dedicated to the queer arts and culture, constantly seeking to highlight and promote engaging and progressive contemporary art that reflects modern queer culture, The Queer Archive Artshop is an online art gallery aiming to create a large international community of artists whose work touches upon queered or queer-responsive approaches to human existence or manifests meaningful queer interpretations.

Taking advantage of the unique opportunity that the digital space gives us today, our team is dedicated to promoting artists and their work around the world. We welcome both seasoned and emerging artists to showcase and sell their art and to expand their network. In showcasing artists around the world, we also hope to enable stakeholders of the art world to explore new artistic horizons and to be inspired by the work of talented artists.

Among our plans for the future are the production of art exhibitions and events in Greece and elsewhere, the creation of meaningful relationships with artists and art spaces worldwide, the establishment of collaborations with creators and designers. And, of course, all of the above in combination with our annual festival, our film productions and everything else that is The Queer Archive.

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