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Alejandro H. Βascon

Alejandro H. Βascon is a Visual Artist based in Athens. He explores his creativity through mixed-media, working on canvas and paper, using acrylics, inks and digital art techniques. Complex jungles are a recurring scenography in his work, where colour becomes everything. He likes to describe his aesthetics as if Hockney met Rousseau and Matisse for an artistic threesome. Comic and cartoon illustrations can be turned into adult oneiric scenarios, and that’s where the fun starts for him.

Alejandro took art classes at the Fine Arts University in Seville, studied graphic design in Madrid at “Escuela de Artediez” and spent a semester at “Ecole de Communication Visuelle” in Paris.

While living in Athens, Alejandro has been designing at Zacharias Art + Object, a brand that he co-founded as well, which focuses on art objects for concept and museum stores.

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