BaroqueIkebana N°237


Fine Art print

Size(s): 50x70cm

Limited edition of 10
Year: 2021


Nicklas is a multidisciplinary designer. He is not afraid of exploring different media or materials. He has a Master Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design and has been working in advertising for 15 years in Sweden, Denmark and China. He is featured in numerous books about different parts of his work. His work has been exhibited all over the globe - from China, UK, Germany, Sweden, the USA, and Denmark.

During his 5 years in Shanghai, China he explored the Japanese floral art form Ikebana. He later combined this with his art school knowledge about the Baroque era and created the BaroqueIkebana project.

BaroqueIkebana N°179 - Nicklas Hultman

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