Digital Photography


Size(s): 50x70 cm

Limited edition of 10
Year: 2021


George Kanis is a Greek visual artist, based in Athens-Greece, originaly born and raised at chios island.

He is well known for his photographic work, although he also practices painting, video art installations, etc.

He was also involved with interior design and product design. But none of these mediums gave him the freedom to
express his instincts. That gap was filled by photography and painting.

His aesthetic is consistent through the years but his work evolves like a growing organism and it always depends on desires that need to be nurtured and fed. For Kanis art offers the ability to make chaos and freedom coexist in harmony.

He is known for his nude experimental / abstract portraits of the members of the subculture scene of Athens in which he employs a raw, brutal art style in order to emphasize on primal feelings during the photo shoots. He proudly explores questions of gender, class and often race, mostly in Greek society .

Poster#02 - George Kanis

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