The Queer Archive Festival 2022, together with the support of the Onassis Stegi will release the 2nd issue of fanzine KAVLA in May 2022.

KAVLA is an independent publication of The Queer Archive Festival involving LGBTQI+ artists of all creative backgrounds. Editors Konstantinos Menelaou and Helias Doulis invited artists, writers, poets and thinkers to participate in a queer dialogue of aesthetics and words and to ignite fresh and meaningful conversations around queer experience, art and culture. 


KAVLA'S DNA is based on humor, companionship, sex, romance and self-sarcasm.


Contributors include:

Rick Castro

Alex de la Cruz

Goody Green

Rory Midhani

Konstantinos Tsolakis

Marlon Rueberg

Alina Gross

Alexa Vachon

more tba

Kavla - Issue #2 - Limited edition

10,00 €Price
  • Delivery of the issue will begin after 13th May 2022

  • KAVLA ZINE is a limited edition publication of 300 copies