The Memory of a Lighter Day


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Size: 297×420mm


Year: 2022


The artificialness of the moment was disturbing, the streets were blocked and military planes flew around like a bird's Murmurations. We all knew it was a common memory game, a glory to something, something significant. We saw ourselves detached and annoyed. 


It’s a memory of a lighter day, 2 days before Independence day, 22th August 2021.


While slowly moving, reality splits and spreads apart. Our hope replaces despair and despair replaces hope. Hyperreality replaces derealization, the fear merges into heroic will and sadness replaces sadness. It’s a memory of a lighter day. Remembered in the spring of 2022.


Bogdan Moroz 


Intermedia artist who works at the intersection of performance and sound art. Bogdan’s practice is built on humour and pain. Some of his pieces make people laugh, some of them make people cry. The best explanation of his art is a quote from his song: “I have a huge tapeworm in my stomach, come closer and say hi to it”




Rebel Queers


Rebel Queers is a group of queer activists who work to reclaim their right to the city of Kyiv. 

Rebel Queers' protests do not define themselves by being against anything, but rather by honouring queer people and realising their liberation. At the same time, their actions are conscious of transphobia, queerphobia, and how they intersect with other forms of oppression such as classism. Rebel Queers is more than graffiti. Everything they do or will do unites and mutually supports the queer community in Kyiv.



The Memory of a Lighter Day - Bogdan Moroz / Rebel Queers

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