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"Never Not Fighting"

Curated by Alex King & Ivan March

A solidarity and fundraising event, with artworks available to purchase from some of Ukraine’s foremost queer artists.

Ukraine’s queer artists and activists have been fighting fearlessly for the dream of rights, dignity, tolerance, inclusion and positivity – a hopeful, democratic future for one of Europe’s youngest nations. Almost a decade after the Euromaidan uprising captured the world’s imagination, a post-revolutionary energy is still burning brightly and can be felt in the freedom and self expression’s in Kyiv’s interlocking art, activist and club culture scenes. Ukraine’s heroic resistance against an overwhelmingly more powerful Russian military has shocked and surprised outside observers. But for anyone who has ever stepped foot in Kyiv in recent years, it comes as no surprise: Ukrainians have been fighting for freedom and a positive future, through acts of defiance big and small, for years – generations even. This group show is organised under the banner of Underground 4 Ukraine, a European-wide network of countercultural organisations making acts of solidarity with their counterparts in Ukraine. A selection of prints will be available for purchase, with proceeds shared between the artists and organisations providing humanitarian support on the ground in Ukraine right now.

Work will be available for purchase from the Queer Archive Art Shop, with 50% of proceeds going to the artist and the other 50% donated equally to UKRAINEPRIDE and Insight Ukraine, organisations working on the ground to support LGBTQIA+ Ukrainians and Ukrainian refugees.

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